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Behind the Song:
These Are the Memories


Welcome back to Behind the Song!

The next song I wanted to tell you about is 'These Are the Memories'...

Behind the Lyrics:

I wanted the lyrics in “These Are the Memories” to take you on a journey through all of the seasons: starting with spring and ending in winter.

As someone with seasonal depression, I’ve
always felt like the best, happiest version of myself in the summertime. But I wanted this song to remind myself (and YOU) that throughout all seasons of life, there can be so much beauty and
happiness to be found
. ❤️

This song really means a lot to me, and I hope you hear that and connect with it in the music!

These Are The Memories.jpg

Behind the Music:

During the time I wrote “These Are the Memories,” I was going through a rough patch and dealing with a lot of crippling anxiety.

There were many days when I couldn’t even leave my house because I was so anxious and overwhelmed.

It was around this time that I discovered and fell deeply in love with the work of Brazilian guitarist, Luiz Bonfa. I listened to his music for hours every day and I found that it helped center me.

“These Are the Memories” is inspired by
my love for Luiz Bonfa’s work.

I hope this song can make you feel free because that’s what it does for me. 😊💗

I hope you've been enjoying learning more about these songs. I've got one more Behind the Song from the record to send you tomorrow!


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