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Behind the Song:
Retro Kind of Love


Welcome to the first Behind the Song!

I'm so excited to tell you more about the title track on the record: 'Retro Kind of Love'!

Behind the Lyrics:

My absolute favorite lyric in “Retro Kind of Love” is the closing line of the tune:

“We’ll be the kind of lovers you see on black & white TVs with our retro kind of love, baby.”

This line is nostalgic to me because I
grew up in a family with a love for classic cinematography which led me to watch a substantial amount ofblack and white films as a kid.

I’ll never forget how much I adored the fashion and music in the old films I watched with my parents when I was young — I think that’s why everyone says I have an old soul!

I am still very inspired by old, classic movies to this day. Some of my favorite old films are Casablanca,
Some Like it Hot, Rebel Without a Cause and Sun Valley Serenade—but there are sooo many more that I
love too!


Behind the Music:

 “Retro Kind of Love” is my first original song that features both my violin and voice equally!

In case you didn’t know, violin was my first instrument (I started taking lessons when I was 4 years old) and I didn’t begin pursuing my studies as a vocalist and songwriter until I was 19! I had a vision of creating a song that could feature my violin in a unique way, so that’s what I did!

I hope you love the song as much as I loved creating it! ♥️

You can listen to it on ANY music streaming or
downloading platform by clicking below!

See you tomorrow for the next Behind the Song, where I'll share a story about a tough time in my life and how it inspired 'These Are the Memories'...


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