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Want a signed copy of the rarest jazz album of the 21st century?


In case I haven't crossed your screen before today... Hi, I'm Emmaline! I'm a jazz-soul vocalist, violinist and songwriter currently based in Nashville, TN and I'm doing something that I've never seen another artist do before...

My new EP “The Two of Us” drops on March 1st, and here’s the twist: This album will never be released online to music streaming platforms and will only ever be available on a limited edition release of 2000 CDs and 500 Vinyl... and vinyl has already SOLD OUT!

Once I sell out, I will never reprint or re-release this body of work making it one of the rarest jazz albums released in the 21st century.

I know some of you might be thinking… “Why don’t you just put the album online like everyone else?” and here’s why:

With streaming platforms paying $0.003 per stream, artists need an average of 380,000 streams per month just to make a minimum wage living. The devaluation of music makes it harder and harder for independent jazz artists (like myself) to continue to release quality music. 

Bpurchasing this album, you are purchasing a piece of music history and also making it possible for an independent artist, like myself, to continue to release quality music and keep jazz alive.

Pre-orders for “The Two of Us” on CD are available NOW! (Vinyl has already sold out!!!) Every pre-ordered album will come signed by me with an exclusive photoprint included with every order. 

I can't wait to get a copy in your hands!

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