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For the first time EVER, I have recorded full-length versions of my most viral cover songs!

And I'm sharing them with a small group of music appreciator​s for FREE.
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Welcome to Retro Remix!


'Retro Remix' is an exclusive, live performance video series that I've created specifically for music appreciators like YOU who love hearing popular songs performed with a nostalgic, retro twist. 

This 3 part video series is only available for a small group of listeners and the best part?


You can watch the series for free.


Sign up below and I will personally send you an exclusive link to watch the Retro Remix music video series for FREE!

In case I haven't crossed your screen before today... Hi! My name is Emmaline! I am a full-time performing and recording artist based in Nashville, TN.

My music career began taking flight around 4 years ago when I started putting a retro spin on popular songs, recording them with my guitarist and posting them online! Our short video clips have even generated tens of millions of views on Instagram and Facebook alone! 

Now, for the first time EVER, I have recorded full-length versions of my top three, most viral cover songs and am sending the private streaming link to a small group of music lovers for FREE!

Sign up below to receive your exclusive link to watch the 'Retro Remix' video series!
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