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I'm giving away my debut CD for FREE!


In case I haven't crossed your screen before today... Hello there! I'm Emmaline!

I'm a jazz-soul vocalist, violinist and songwriter currently based in Nashville, TN!

And for a limited time, I'm giving away my debut CD plus a bonus, exclusive photo print for FREE! All you have to do is throw in $5 for the cost of shipping!

So I know what you're thinking.... "Is the CD really free?!" The answer is YES and here's why...

I am an "independent artist" which means I don't have a record label with a big team of PR and marketing executives to promote my music to new listeners.


So I've decided to take matters into my own hands and share my songs in a new way by giving away my debut CD for FREE to music lovers who enjoy soulful music with a retro twist. All you have to do is cover the $5 shipping cost!

Can't wait to get a free copy my first CD in your hands!

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